Leeson Motors

Leeson Motors

Four Brands – One Company

LEESON Electric, the world’s most customer-focused motor,
gearmotor and drives company, has expanded our product offering with the addition of the Lincoln Motors, Grove Gear and Electra-Gear products.

Lincoln Motors joined LEESON Electric in 2006 and has expanded the motor product line in large frame motors up to 700 hp.

Electra Gear, a leading supplier of industrial duty aluminum gear reducers, joined the LEESON product lineup in 2007.

Grove Gear, one of the largest American manufacturers of standard and custom worm gear reducers, also joined LEESON’s lineup in 2007.

More Products

Producing four brands provides LEESON with one of the broadest product ranges in the industrial motor market. From sub-fractional to 350 HP motors, gearmotors, AC and DC adjustable speed drives and Gear+Motors, LEESON offers more than 4,000 stock products.


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